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Miss Black just because my friends and family don’t know anything about my passion for SM that I secretly do here. The first time i wear a mask i felt anxious. But it turned the totaly opposite after my first session. I began to like the feel of being blindfold. Since i started to explore my love for bondage and fetish found out that my limits are wery wide. But i still don’t knowwhere they are exactly. Besides i also like the aspect of being anonymous but i know there are ppl out who share the same pasion with me.

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Tied up and machineized fucked by huge dildo

16:36 min 1920 x 1080 HD Video
When I came into the room, I immediately realized that he was planning something nasty with me. I was kind of excited but also a bit scared because I didn’t know how painful it would be this time. Dressed in latex and tied by my hands, I waited. “Look up” he said and I did. “suck”.
For a long time I was penetrated down to the throat. He wanted to see me suffer and let the fuckmachine do the work. At a certain point I was just holding on and fighting. in my mind i begged “please let it be over soon”. After he finished the video he said he was proud of me and gave me a kiss on my fucked up mouth. It’s these moments that are worth it to me.

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Pain + pleasure + pain again

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Tied and constrained to orgasm

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Fuckt her with steel toys

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Pussy clamp

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Danceing to the climax

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Dancing Doll

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