It’s a funny story how I got here. Actually out of pure curiosity and because you can support my talent here. I love wearing latex dresses. And I was able to discover my hidden talent here in my first video. But honestly. The dirty work i do on this site is my secret. I exclusively shoot such kinky fetish videos for love pain + latex.
Anonymously in latex I can let myself go and enjoy every session. For the time being I will definitely not show my face. but who knows… If you support me and make me a kinky superstar, I’ll definitely show myself at some point 😉

Latest Video

Rubber Sub Table Service

7:46 min 1920 x 1080 HD Video
When I came into the room, I immediately realized that he was planning something nasty with me. I was kind of excited but also a bit scared because I didn’t know how painful it would be this time. Dressed in latex and tied by my hands, I waited. “Look up” he said and I did. “suck”.
For a long time I was penetrated down to the throat. He wanted to see me suffer and let the fuckmachine do the work. At a certain point I was just holding on and fighting. in my mind i begged “please let it be over soon”. After he finished the video he said he was proud of me and gave me a kiss on my fucked up mouth. It’s these moments that are worth it to me.